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Wholesale Energy Drinks Supplier

Energy drinks are a must in this fast-paced world, and you can find the best deals on them from us, J.V Trading, a leading wholesale energy drinks supplier in London. Energy drinks boost mental alertness and boost energy for physical activity. These drinks have mainly caffeine, sugar, and other ingredients that result in this energy boost. 

We all know that energy comes from either glucose or sucrose, and these are available in these energy drinks. Along with that, there is caffeine which provides stimulant energy. Some also have taurine, inositol, glucuronolactone, and B vitamins. As for effects, Taurine is a natural amino acid that helps to regulate muscle contraction and heartbeat while Inositol is a Vitamin B complex that helps in the distribution of messages within the cells of the body. 

Ever since they have been introduced, energy drinks have been popular with young adults and anyone who needs to focus on their work without feeling drowsy or sleepy. Since they make you mentally alert, students prefer drinking energy drinks while preparing for exams and other such stressful times. 

Energy drinks are not the same as sports drinks; sports drinks are meant to compensate for the water loss and electrolyte loss we have when we exercise hard. In fact, energy drinks can be adverse if taken while exercising because it is diuretic in nature. A person can have severe dehydration in that case.

When you buy your energy drinks from us, you get them at a very competitive rate as we are a wholesale energy drinks supplier in Manchester. The minimum order we accept is 1 truckload that has about 33 pallets. Each pallet is made of 108 cases which in turn is made of 24 cans of energy drinks. 

As a wholesale energy drinks supplier in Oxford, we offer bulk purchases of Red Bull, the most popular energy drink brand as well as XL Energy drink. The expiry date of the products will be 2 years after the shipment date; so you can keep your bulk purchase without any concern.

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