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Wholesale Drinks Supplier

Do you need any kind of drinks for your confectionary shop, grocery store, or any other business? Then JV Trading has you covered. We are the wholesale drinks supplier in London, and you will find everything from cup drinks to give your child in his or her tiffin box to energy drinks to prep you up for the day. Here is a quick review of all the different kinds of drinks that are available with us.

Energy drinks: These drinks made of caffeine give an instant boost of energy to the person drinking them. This drink enhances mental alertness and physical performance and is very popular with young students and for anyone who needs a dose of energy in their life. We stock the most popular brand Red bull.

Fizzy drinks: They are the most common drinks in the world and as wholesale drinks suppliers in Manchester, we stock not only popular brands like 7UP, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, but brands like Calypso, Candy Can, Faygo.

Juices: They are a must-have for a healthy lifestyle and we stock every type of juice starting from kid’s favorite Capri-Sun to Simply fruity, Fuze Tea, etc.

Kids & Lunch Box: We also stock kid’s favorite lunch box juices like Big Time cup drinks, Vimto and Capri-Sun.

Slush syrups: Have a slushie machine in your shop? Then don’t forget to order your slush syrups from us. We have a wide variety of flavors from Mango, Bubblegum to Strawberry, and more.

Water: The most preferred beverage of the world and we stock not only regular mineral water but also flavoured waters like Orange & Mango water, Lemon & Lime spring water, etc.

So, these are some of the drinks that are available from us. As wholesale drinks suppliers in Oxford, we provide them at competitive prices as well as exclusive deals. All our products go through strict quality control so you are guaranteed to have the best products when you order from us.

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