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Wholesale Beer Supplier

When it comes to alcoholic beverages nothing satisfies more than a cold can or a bottle of beer. This is why we here at JV Trading stock all kinds of beers as we are one of the leading wholesale beer suppliers in London. From Heineken to Carlsberg, we have all the leading beer brands popular in the UK. To help you choose better here is a short guide on the different types of beer we stock.

Before that, let’s take a look at the history of beer in the UK. The earliest form of beer that was popular in the UK is ale. During the Middle Ages, it was the drink of choice for the commoners and was primarily brewed by women. In the 15th century, the Dutch introduced hops into the British Isles leading to a new kind of beer. Since then this humble drink has been the drink of choice for the working class. As the British Empire spread around the globe, the popularity of beer grew everywhere. Today, the best way to chill after a hard day’s to go to a pub and order your favourite brand of beer.

As a wholesale beer supplier in Manchester, we stock:

Stout: stouts are top-fermented beer that has a dark colour and a distinctive roasted flavour. You will find dragon stout beer from ask, a brand from Jamaica. This brand offers beer that has a very sweet and malty taste and a much fuller stout than what you are used to.

Lager: the most common type of beer popular worldwide, lager is made from bottom-fermenting yeast. It is also fermented for a long time at a low temperature. The brands that we stock include the world favourite Heineken and Carlsberg. 

Draught beer: a kind of stout beer that has a dark body and a creamy head, we stock the most famous brand Guinness. This beer has a smooth velvety structure and is a favourite of beer drinkers who love quality beers.

Apart from these, we also stock speciality beers like Asahi beer from Japan which goes perfectly with sushi. We also have Lager beer from Belgium and other European countries. So, whenever you need a wholesale beer supplier in Oxford, contact us for any of your requirements.

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