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Wholesale Alcohol Beverages Supplier

Looking for a wholesale alcohol beverages supplier in Oxford? J.V Trading is here to help you. Whatever is your need, we are ready to supply them to you at a very reasonable price. As for what we stock, here is a quick guideline on what products we stock.

Beer: Beer has been the most popular drink for ages. Since the Middle Ages beer in the form of ale has been the drink of choice starting from the commoners going up to the Royals. We stock leading brands of beer manufacturers like Carlsberg, Guinness, Heineken, and others. You will find both bottles as well as can from us. From drought beer to stout, we have every kind of beer that you need for your business. We also offer exciting discounts as well as competitive prices for the leading beer brands.

Whiskey and spirit: From vodka to dry gin, you will find all kinds of whiskey and spirit in bulk quantities from us. Among the vodka, we stock Absolut vodka, one of the most popular vodka brands in the world. We also stock Bombay Sapphire, the leading brand for dry gin. If you need good quality whisky we also have that covered as the leading wholesale alcoholic beverage supplier in London. From Jack Daniels to Glenmorangie 10-year-old whiskey we have it all. You will also find Johnny Walker Black Label in bulk from us. We stock miniature bottles of Black Label as well as their full 700 ml bottles. We even have Chivas Regal 12 years 700 ml bottles. Most whiskey and spirits are sold in a package of 6 bottles(for 700 ML bottles) per pack. The minimum order is one pack and as said before, there is no maximum upper limit to how much you want to buy. The price we quote is highly competitive and is the price for the pack and not per bottle. And the best part is, it includes shipping!

So, the next time you need any kind of alcoholic beverages, as a wholesale alcoholic beverage supplier in Manchester, J.V Trading is here to help you out.

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